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Oil Only Absorbent Pad - Absorbs up to 0.3 L (0.07 gal)

Oil Only Absorbent Pad - Absorbs up to 0.3 L (0.07 gal)

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The OilHungry Oil Only Absorbent Pad is designed to swiftly absorb leaks, spills, and overspray, ensuring that surfaces remain dry.

Its highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction effectively captures oil-based liquids without leaving behind any residue.

Unlike water-absorbent materials, this pad specifically targets oils and retains them.

The multi-layer polypropylene fibers provide durability and tear resistance.

The bright white color enhances visibility, making it easy to gauge saturation levels.

By using these pads, you’re not only keeping your workspace clean but also minimizing your environmental impact.

When oil spills occur, time is of the essence. These pads have a rapid absorption rate, ensuring that spills are contained promptly.

The fine fibers efficiently wick away oil, preventing it from spreading and causing further damage.

Technical Specifications:

Part Number: OH-P811

Product Type: Absorbent Pad

Fluids Absorbed: Oil-based liquids

Volume Absorbed per Unit: 17.5 oz (approximately 0.3 liters)

Color/Pattern: White

Outside Skin Material: Polyester

Rope Along Length: No

Volume Absorbed per pkg: 5.2 liter

Size: 8” x 11.5”

Filler Material: Polypropylene

Floating: Yes

UV Resistant: No

Flame Resistant: No

Incinerable: Yes

Use Case:

Ideal for industrial settings, workshops, garages, and any environment where oil spills or leaks occur.

Suitable for absorbing oil-based liquids from machinery, equipment, or surfaces.

Remember, the OilHungry Oil Only Absorbent Pad is your reliable ally in maintaining a clean and safe workspace.

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