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OilHungry - Oil-Only Absorbent Float (6 Pack)

OilHungry - Oil-Only Absorbent Float (6 Pack)

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The Oil-Only Absorbent Float boasts the largest surface area in contact with water. Its unique construction ensures efficient and rapid capillarity absorption.

Unlike flexible absorbents, this float behaves like an absorbent board, making it easy to handle and dispose of.

Hydrophobic in nature, it repels water while effectively absorbing oil-based liquids.

Even when saturated with oil, it continues to float, maintaining its functionality.

The white color material allows easy identification of saturation levels.

The float’s structure promotes faster absorption and creates a flow from surrounding areas.

Assemble multiple floats together to cover larger water surfaces as needed.

Use the provided rope to move or retrieve the float from distant waters.


Marine Environments: Ideal for managing oil spills on water bodies, docks, and harbors.

Industrial Facilities: Suitable for factories, workshops, and manufacturing sites.

Emergency Response: A crucial component of spill kits for rapid cleanup.

Construction Sites: Prevents oil contamination during construction activities.


High Absorption Capacity: Each float can absorb up to 10 liters of oil.

Floats Even When Saturated: Continues to float even when fully soaked with oil.

Easy Handling: Non-flexible structure allows convenient handling.

Visible Saturation: White color indicates when the float is saturated.

Assemble for Coverage: Combine multiple floats to cover larger areas.

Technical Specifications:

Product Type: Absorbent Float

Fluids Absorbed: Oil-Based Liquids

Volume Absorbed per Unit: 10 liters (approximately 2.7 gallons)

Color/Pattern: White

Outside Skin Material: Polypropylene

Rope Along Length: Yes

Floating: Yes

UV Resistant: No

Size: 20 inches

Filler Material: Polypropylene

Sock/Boom Profile: Round

Flame Resistant: No

Incinerable: Yes

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