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OilHungry - Oil Only Absorbent Socks - 3"diameter and 4' length

OilHungry - Oil Only Absorbent Socks - 3"diameter and 4' length

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The Oil Only Absorbent Socks are made from polypropylene material, which allows them to soak up spills quickly.

Their hydrophobic filler ensures efficient containment and absorption of oil-based spills in various environments.

These socks are lightweight, designed for rapid absorption, and can retain water.

They serve as a barrier both indoors and outdoors, effectively absorbing unwanted oil-based fluids.

The absorbent material is moldable, making it easy to fit around different areas and surfaces.


Industrial Settings: Ideal for factories, workshops, and manufacturing facilities where oil spills are common.

Garages and Auto Repair Shops: Perfect for containing oil leaks and drips around vehicles.

Marine Environments: Useful on boats, docks, and harbors to manage oil spills.

Construction Sites: Helps prevent oil contamination in construction areas.

Emergency Spill Response: A crucial component of spill kits for rapid cleanup.

Technical Specifications:

Part Number:  OH-S34

Product Type:  Absorbent Sock

Fluids Absorbed:   Oil Based Liquids

Volume Absorbed per unit:  1.1 gal

Colour/Pattern:  White

Outside Skin Material:  Polyester

Rope Along Length:  No

Volume Absorbed per pkg:  11 gal

Floating:  Yes

UV Resistant:  No

Size:  3” x 4 ft

Filler Material:  Polypropylene Filler

Sock/Boom Profile:  Round

Flame Resistant:  No

Incinerable:  Yes

These absorbent socks are a valuable addition to any spill response kit, providing efficient oil containment and cleanup.

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