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Bilge Absorbent Boom

Bilge Absorbent Boom

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The OilHungry Bilge Absorbent Boom is meticulously crafted to address oil floating on bilge water. It effectively tackles oil leaks from engines or dripping oil during oil changes.

Equipped with a convenient loop of rope, this boom can be easily secured in place. It absorbs oil that accumulates on the water’s surface before bilge pumps return the water to the ocean, lake, or river.

By using this absorbent boom, you actively protect the environment and prevent costly consequences.

The OilHungry Bilge Absorbent Boom boasts an impressive absorption capacity, capable of soaking up approximately 1.59 gallons (6 liters) of oil-based liquids.

Its buoyancy ensures that it stays afloat, continuously absorbing oil without sinking or becoming waterlogged.

Designed to float on water, the absorbent boom remains effective even when deployed in marine environments.

Technical Specs

Part Number:  OH-BGE

Product Type: Absorbent Bilge

Fluids Absorbed:  Oil Based Liquids

Volume Absorbed per unit:  1.59 gal

Colour/Pattern:  White

Outside Skin Material:  Polyester

Rope Along Length:  No

Neutralizing:  No

Floating:  Yes

UV Resistant:  No

Size:  10” x 44”

Filler Material:  Polypropylene Filler

Flame Resistant:  No

Incinerable:  Yes

Use Cases:

Marine Applications: Deploy in boat bilges, docks, and other watercraft areas to absorb oil spills.
Environmental Protection: Prevent oil contamination in water bodies, safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.
Cost Savings: By avoiding expensive fines and cleanup expenses, you contribute to responsible oil management.

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